5 Months

It’s here already…5 months! In the past month, we have traveled to Oregon and Washington making that 8 states, and 2 countries off your list of things to see before you turn 2. 😊 And not only did you travel but you traveled like a rockstar, well actually you traveled in the middle seat laying on your mama, in the back of the plane by the toilets but you traveled so so well.

Zayden, everyone we meet thinks you’re almost one because you’re such a big boy. Praise be to God you’re one healthy and growing baby boy. Before too long I’m not sure I’ll be able to call you a baby.. 😬 #momtears. We are blown away by how quickly you have grown little man. You have 2 bottom teeth fully in, 1 top tooth has almost cut through and 1 more bottom that will make it’s appearance any day now. You can put your feet in your mouth which you believe is a huge accomplishment, so much so that’s all you really want to do, all day, every day. You still haven’t figured out that naps are more for us than they are for you and apparently, sleeping in is overrated to you. You are so proud when you stand up and roll over like a champ, but you haven’t mastered the sitting up by yourself just yet. I bet you’ll have it down within 2 weeks, max. And you no longer are sleeping in our room but in your crib 😭. I have to admit I slept the first night on the floor by your crib, but you took that night like it was nothing so now I am back in our room but checking that monitor every 15 minutes it seems like. It has sparked back up my sleep talking, but it too shall pass ha.

Things you love are: Your ppuppies especially Della! Your daddy because he apparently is the funniest person alive! You two love to play zombie (super child appropriate Jason) and practice driving (also child appropriate, ahem…). Your mama, you are always staring at me and making me feel like the prettiest mama on the planet. ❤️ Dad’s beard and mom’s hair, I guess or at least you sure love to pull handfuls of it. And our silly, weird dance moves and songs that make you laugh almost every time, the other times we are pretty sure we just embarrass you to tears.

We unfortunately lost one of your friends this month. One we never actually met but we prayed together before bedtime for your friend to be strong! He was so strong throughout his 47 day fight. Experiences like this makes my heart hurt and hold you that much tighter little man. It’s a reminder that we are not in control and that God’s plan for you may not be the plan we have for you. We must trust Him through whatever battle that comes your way. It may just suck, but be patient, pray and listen to Him. He will be there through it all. ❤️ Never forget that.


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