4 months

It has been a month of oohs and ahhs with Baby Z since my last post. A month full of new skills and personality characteristics that develop more every day. His newest “skill” is yelling! Ha. He’s not crying or upset even, he just yells to make noise. I can see how some may think it’s annoying but it’s actually pretty comical! He’s found his voice and he is using it!

We had our first plane ride and traveled to Mexico! I came overly prepared with toys and bottles and blankets and boppy and the list goes on and it was successful! We didn’t lose our crap on the plane, we were able to nurse without too many glances and we escaped the trip with only one stranger picking him up without asking. 🙄 I don’t even have time to explain my frustration with this, but don’t be one of those strangers please. Ever. To anyone. We enjoyed the sun, pool, and ocean.

At home we loveeeee baths. They are our favorite. Z tracks and interacts with the dogs now. He even pulls on Charlie’s hair which he thankfully does not mind. We love to play and discover new things, read and smile! ❤️ Z has mastered rolling over (only when we aren’t looking of course) and he is army crawling all over the place. He’s a mover & a shaker and I won’t be able to keep up with him for long!

We are exhausted. I rarely sleep (thanks sleep regression). I take less showers because really is it necessary to shower every day? Ha! And when he is yelling outside of your shower, you can’t seem to wash the shampoo out of your hair fast enough! I only eat when he doesn’t need my attention, and I am usually running around the house instead of walking. I feel like a milk machine or a human pacifier most days (not the most flattering). My neck and shoulders hurt all the time. And that never seems to go away. BUT…

BUT…you are so worth it. I don’t complain because Z is nothing to complain about. These are just adjustments.  Just little adjustments are absolutely nothing compared to this sweet little man I get to hold every day, love every day and kiss too much. Besides being given an eternal life with Jesus, he is our biggest blessing…and what else could one need if you have this?

My heart hurts for the time spent waiting to hold this little man and it aches for those who are still in that waiting period. If you’re reading this and you are one of those sweet mamas, I’m praying for you to have and hold your little ones soon. Although you may not understand why God gives you this brutal waiting period…be patient. It will be worth it. You will see the purpose of the waiting period. And again, it will be worth it.

Mexico family pic


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