A Year of Changes

Insane how many things can change in a year…

Around this time last year (10/05/16 to be exact), I was recovering from an emergency surgery where I lost a liter of blood into my abdomen.  A surgery that took another  sweet, little baby from us. I spent 3 weeks laying on this couch recuperating, mourning, and being mad at the world. Jump forward almost a year later, I lay here tonight, on the same couch, exhausted but celebrating us reaching 32 weeks with this sweet, baby boy I am currently carrying.

Thankfully, today we had a 32 week appointment and baby boy has a healthy heartbeat, mama has a healthy blood pressure, and although he was measuring 3 weeks early, his growth spurt has slowed down and only measuring 1 week ahead of schedule now.  God has overly blessed us with news today….just a year after it seemed like everything was falling apart.

Maybe things don’t always go the way we want or plan, but there is a plan much bigger than us. And in this moment, I am thankful for this bigger plan, thankful for the sweet baby boy that is healthy and strong, and thankful to be one step closer to holding Baby Z.  So who cares if I understood how we got here, because we’re here and enjoying every kick, ache, baby hiccup, sweet ultrasound, and every single heartburn-filled evening. ❤️

As always, thank you for the prayers!


6 thoughts on “A Year of Changes

  1. I truly love getting to read/hear about your mommyhood updates! I always look for your belly pics to pop up, of course! But moreso, to travel into your journey with you as it has been a very long one. Sometimes it’s truly difficult to relay the totality of the experience of TRYING to get pregnant, then losing, then TRYING, then losing…and finally that blissful moment where you might start believing your ultimate dream can really come true. I’m so very happy for you! In my own perspective, I believe maybe our obstacles instill in us an even greater love and appreciation for what a miracle a baby truly is. Cheers to 32 weeks and healthy strong boy!!

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  2. BLESSED!!!!!! I am so happy for you and Jason. CAN NOT WAIT to hear of the birth of you precious bundle and see some AHHHHMAZING pics. Hugs sweet girl. 🙂

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  3. I am so happy for you guys and your story still brings tears in my eyes. Today they are happy tears though!!! I wish you only the best. Enjoy those last weeks! It will be over so fast! Say hello to your wonderful husband and I can’t wait to see the photos of this little guy! ❤


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