If youve talked to me lately, I’ve probably  blamed something on #pregnancyproblems.  I seem to be using it in daily conversations with friends & family to bring light to my underestimated discomforts and emotions of pregnancy.  Don’t get me wrong, not for one second of pain or discomfort does pregnancy compare to infertility.  I can’t compare it. Infertility is heartbreaking every single day with little hope, but pregnancy there is hope and more hope with every healthy kick or jab to the ribs you get!  

That said, I know multiple people that loved their pregnancy and I personally underestimated the toll it takes on you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. So I’ve outlined them for myself but also for others, not to express any complaints but to evaluate and refocus my thoughts.  You’ll see towards the end of this..so stick with me…

1.  The exhaustion comes and goes and I’m completely fine with handling this because I have a great partner that helps 99% of the time, 55% of the time without complaining!  😉  But I am exhausted daily. It doesn’t help your sleep is minimal.  Don’t get me wrong, like clockwork I’ll fall asleep on the couch every evening around 9 pm but wide awake from about 1 am on. Sometimes I’ll get up and walk around, some nights I’ll just lay there and hope for more sleep.  Either way, growing a child plus s lack of sleep has a direct factor on your mind and body.

2. The sickness has come and mostly gone for me (thankfully). That was pretty brutal and makes you question how your little one is getting any nutrients when you yourself aren’t keeping any nutrients in so thankfully that stage has passed. I still have some food adversions, mainly fish. As a fish and sushi lover, this has been a little difficult to steer clear of, but I don’t know that I will ever enjoy fish again sadly.

3. The weight gain is real! “Well duh!” you may think, but when you’re just past halfway mark and you physically don’t feel like you can get any larger without exploding takes an emotional/physical toll on you. And I’ll just disregard the number of times you recieve the truly sincere but also brutal comments of how much you’ve grown or “Wow you’re pregnant!” In all seriousness, I’m not sure how my skin and body can stretch and distort anymore and I’m (only) 23 weeks along. 

4. Pain/uncomfortableness. This. I 110% underestimated the amount of pain and uncomfortableness I’d experience daily.  I have had a very high pain tolerance since I was a child and this one is tough for me to swallow and admit.  But I need help with such small things, and it is painful.  I roll over in the middle of the night and quickly attacked a sharp pains (growing pains) or leg cramp that I can’t get to, followed by a kick from Z-man letting me know to go back to sleep and stop waking him. 

5. Pregnancy brain is like a bad blonde joke.  Seriously though, my mind was racing constantly, prior to pregnancy and add Zayden taking all my intelligence from me, my daily actions and comments seem like a bad blonde joke.  Luckily, this spills over to my husband and he has “sympathy pregnancy brain” so I don’t feel as bad about the silly things I do or say. Ha.

6. Worrying. I’ve said it before in basically any previous post, but that never goes away.  I do my best to stay calm and not stress about little things but it does happen and worry does kick in.  Do you have enough time to buy a house and move before baby comes? When is the next Dr appointment? Should I call my Dr with this pain or that pain? Why is my body reacting that way? What is wrong with me? What if I have Baby Z early…how will we be ready? I need to get a crib stat… The list goes on. 

7. Minor side effects of pregnancy, but they’re pesky and annoying…  Hot flashes, bad skin, thinning hair, mood swings, congestion all day every day, dizziness, shortness of breath just walking inside with a bag of groceries… all of these are  just a few of the minor side effects that you experience daily, all of which take a toll on your body and mindset. The addition of everything else and these really can defeat you, even if you think you’re prepared to handle it. If you were like me and believed all pregnant women “glow” and have long luscious locks, let me be the first to tell you that only happens on about 60% of women, myself unfortunately, not being one of them.  Such minor side effects can really play a toll on you if you let it.

Which brings me to the point of this whole post… As I’m sitting in my closet, upset that everything seems to just be off and not going my way, I am reminded by the good Lord that none of that really matters!  What matters is this sweet little one growing inside of me and the love we have to share with him.  I mean, this is what we prayed for, no matter what discomfort or exhaustion or sickness little man would bring, we wanted it because we wanted him.

After realizing this, my goal and thoughts have shifted.  I need not to focus on this other crap I’m experiencing every day. I need to stop giving up to the daily challenges, but instead giving up my struggles to Him. I will trust Him and hand over my worries, insecurities and stress to Him and He will take care of us.  Maybe every step won’t be as I envision or hoped for, but thankfully His vision and plan is way better than I anything I can come up with. I truly hope anyone that is struggling through life, infertility, pregnancy or even just your day, you have Him to cling to.  I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t.  He’s got this for us. 


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