All in

I’ve mostly been talking about IVF in my posts, because that was the first process we were going through. Now, as we anxiously wait out on this little one, we finish our adoption paperwork!  Yes IVF & adoption at the same time may seem wildly absurd to most people, but when you have waited as long as we have, had as many heartaches as we have, you lay out your cards and go all in.

How did we decide adoption was for us?  For me, that want has always been there since I was younger.  It was never a question of if I would adopt or not, it was more a when will I adopt.  I’m not sure how it actually got started for me, but I’ll attribute it back to around highschool.  I knew a handful of foster children and  I saw how much they yearned for a family and I knew I needed to adopt those children yearning (obviously not something you can do as a high schooler).  But I knew I had a heart to give love. Adoption was something God wanted me to do, so basically since highschool, it has been on my heart.  When I met Jason 8+ years ago, two of my early questions to him was…”Do you want to have children and how do you feel about adoption?” Luckily, this sweet man said absolutely to children and although he hadn’t thought of adoption as much as I have, he was in.  I have watched that “I am in” change to a yearn in his heart over the years!  It overwhelms me to see this too, knowing it is truly one of my purposes on this Earth.  God sure knows how to put the right people in our lives!

Back to adoption process,  the last piece of paperwork we finished yesterday (yay!). We paid for our home study in December but haven’t had it done yet due to IVF and traveling in general, but it is on now!  I am so excited for this process and I know how slow and torturous the wait can be, but I can’t imagine a better time.  

Our cards are layed on the table, and we will hopefully get through the home study, and we wait and pray a young mom/dad picks us.  A young mom/dad will needs us, and allows us to love their child(ren) forever. 


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