Symptoms coming and going..

I don’t really have too much to report right now, besides patience is truly a virtue.  This waiting period is a little nerve wracking, especially when you’re trying not to be anxious or stressed.  Ha!

I was officially released from my IVF doctor and will begin with my local doctor next week.  We will probably have another ultrasound at 10 weeks, I’m assuming.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve considered googling how much ultrasound machines cost so I can just do my own and have a peace of mind lol, but that seems a bit extreme! 🙂

-I can start light exercising, which is awesome.  I did walk over a mile on my lunch yesterday and my ovaries were a bit sore after, so I can tell that  they’re not completely back to normal, but they’re much better than they were.  I’ll be holding off on anything too crazy and jogging for a few more weeks.
-THIS ONE IS BIG – we finish our progesterone shots Sunday and then we’re done with injections, until we decide to do this crazy process again.  This is a little bitter sweet.  Awesome, because I can maybe do things after 8:00 pm that we’ve avoided doing, also awesome that J doesn’t have to shove a needle in my bum every evening, but also a little sad because that process is coming to an end.  Injections in the stomach and butt have completely changed my lifestyle and priorities (of course for good reason) but I don’t know that everyone gets the life-changing chore it can be but also the incredible blessing it is.

My symptoms come and go.  Which is slightly annoying. You would think I’d find relief when they pass, but it just reminds me of last miscarriage and having all these symptoms and then they all of a sudden go away.  So I’m truly thankful to have the symptoms, no matter how sick or tired I may be..I’d much rather have them than not.  Anyways, I’m pretty consistently nauseous, meaning about 85% of the day, and nothing sounds good food wise, except for random, unhealthy things, like fried chicken and brownies (sheez).  I haven’t acted on all of the unhealthy cravings, because I keep telling myself that not all things are nourishing to little one, so have been trying to figure out how to handle them.  Brownies did win yesterday though.  Beyond that, even when nothing sounds good, I just eat the meal anyways because I know I need to for them.  Other symptoms are dizziness and soreness off and on and well, my pants are a little tighter – probably from the brownies but whatever.  Exhaustion about 90% of the time.  Apparently, it’s exhausting growing a human inside of you!  And…heartburn is pretty intense, but I can’t seem to give up my spicy things just yet, so I’m just dealing with that heartburn.

We just keep continuing to pray, and talk to little one (which is weird at first, especially for Jason).  But I make him do it anyways…  The first time he decided to talk to him/her he asked, “So…how’s it going in there?”  I noted maybe, he should say things that don’t require a response back lol.  He’ll figure it out!  🙂  So prayers, optimism, patience and brownies are what we’re living on at the moment, and will continue to til next time we get to see little one!

Side note – if anyone is coming from Pittsburg, KS to NWA and wants to grab me some Chicken Annie’s chicken, you will not see me complaining!  🙂 


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