Thankfulness in all things

Thankful again this week!  After this week of some small personal downs and big ups, I realized how thankful I am.  So I made a list…That I’ll probably keep adding to as the journey goes.

Thankful for sweet babies we have in heaven.

Thankful for sweet baby we have currently growing stronger every day (good appointment on Thursday showed a healthy heartbeat! Eek!!)

Thankful for a support system.  I honestly didn’t realize how important it is to have supportive people in your life.  The emotional roller coaster and extensive time and energy it takes to get through all these stages.  God has put several people in my life the past few years that are always there when I need something (and even when I don’t know I need something). Including family and friends that are pretty awesome.

Thankful for my husband.  He’s there. He’s present. He puts me and baby first and is a great leader to our growing family.

Thankful for the relationships that have been created on this journey.  Couples that have reached out to just talk about their experience and develop into real friendships. 

Thankful for God giving us the opportunity to go through IVF. It has been the most exhausting experience that has completely torn me down but also has been the most beneficial, life changing experience we have ever endured.

This journey has caused me to lose things but to also gain so so much more and for that I am incredibly thankful! 


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