Morning Sickness vs. Me

Well, bittersweet moment to recieve morning sickness.  I have told God look…I won’t complain about any symptoms you give me, and I won’t.  I started getting sick this morning and I dropped to my knees is thankful prayer.  Maybe that seems crazy but when you’ve been through this journey or traveled a similar road, you do not take anything for granted, including sickness.  

I will say, I have no earthly idea what morning sickness (like this) feels like in comparison to the flu or a really bad hangover.  I can rule out hangover, because the only thing I have cut loose with is a couple sips of a Coca-Cola, but the flu has been going around, so I guess the verdict is still out.  Either way (morning sickness or flu) is not fun in an airport and hoping it passes before actually boarding the flight.  

Also, in case you were curious, airports carry like no morning sickness things like lemon drops, saltine crackers, jolly ranchers, ginger anything.  So morning sickness…you may win this one, but I’ll be prepared for Round 2.


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