Wait wait wait wait wait wait. 

I sing it to the Rihanna tune, clever I know (ha), but that is all I have been doing.  

I haven’t even taken a picture for my project this week, unfortunately but I just feel like I am doing the same thing over and over.  Pill in morning, go to work, pill in evening, shot in bum, then we just repeat it.  I will say I am kind of over giving myself shots.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to still be giving myself shots,it is just tiring and if I think about it too much I almost develop an anxiety then I tell myself to get over it and do it. It really isn’t too bad, I think I just am ready for that stage to be done with.  Done with bc my levels are superhero awesome, not done with because of a loss.  So being thankful during this stage and anticipating the next stage! 😀
Speaking of the next stage, I am ready to hit that 2nd trimester where I have more confidence in what I am feeling. We still have a bit to go, and although anything can happen at anytime, miscarriage percentages decrease at 8 weeks and then again pretty significantly around 12 weeks.  I also think “feeling” pregnant and/or looking it would help me to have more confidence instead of just sitting here in wonder all the time.  I guess this just shows how I need to be confident in God’s plan because I shouldn’t wonder or question His, no matter the outcome.

Anyways, I am not really seeming to have any symptoms and honestly, I have prayed for them. For any that complain about their morning sickness or bloating…Psh…Trade me, I’ll take it from you.  Be thankful you should have a little peace of mind, but also you get that experience.  I was having some sickness from about 3:00 pm til 7:00 pm but that has phased out OR I subconsciously eat crackers around that time and it calms my stomach.  I read that if you eat before it hits you, that can help…And to be quite frank, the foodie that I am rarely goes any period of time without food in hand or in stomach.  Seriously though, I just had a granola bar before boarding a plane and now I am sitting on the plane contemplating eating another one and I may have already looked up where I could eat breakfast during my layover. Lol – seriously is ridiculous.  I mean, occasionally I look slightly pregs, but that is generally after I eat alot of Mexican food.  

So will continue enjoying this food (and I will tell myself it is nourishment for the little one), and I will be thankful in this stage of waiting.  Because God’s got this.


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