Maybe putting it off will help…

I put off getting out of bed this morning.  I decided if I stayed in bed an extra 45 minutes later than normal, that maybe I wouldn’t have time to worry or think about the spotting & mild cramping that started last night.  It didn’t work….still thought about it, still googled things, and now just sitting here quietly, trying to process.  Let me be clear before I go into my thoughts / feelings, that this could totally be normal and not mean anything serious.  There are different things that can happen, it can just be how your body is reacting in general, it could be the gestational sac re-attaching to your uterus, it could be leftover from the implantation, or it could be caused from the ultrasound.  So let’s just know that from this point on…. If you send any texts of what it could be, I totally appreciate it, but I probably already know them.  However, my mind goes the other direction, because dang it we’ve been here and that’s what mom’s do right?  They love their children so much, they worry… so ya, that’s what I’ll probably be doing that.  I’m not going to allow my thoughts to be consumed by it, but the thoughts will definitely be going through my head.

Anyways, I took it easy (for the most part) all weekend.  I even had a friend that asked me if I was still on the couch 4 hours later, lol and you bet your ass I was.  I did do some things around the house, like purge my closet and take care of the animals (both are larger chores than they should be).  But I took it easy, the doctor didn’t give me the “ok” to start working out because my ovaries are still massive and they don’t want you to get ovarian torsion. Which I totally can see how this happens, even sitting up at a twisted angle sometimes I’ll get a little pain b/c those ovaries aren’t used to the size they’ve been shot up to be.  My doctor said maybe another month and they should start looking normal.  So, back to last night…. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up in some mild pain, as well as some light spotting, which my mind could’ve gone 1,007 places, but I decided I wasn’t going to allow myself to do that, but instead I went straight to bed (skipped the teeth brushing and letting the dogs outside), text Jason that I needed prayers, and fell asleep praying.

Which leads to this morning….I wake up and just knew it hadn’t stopped so I just stayed in bed and put it off b/c I just didn’t want to start the week like this.  If anything I did this weekend caused that, then what will this weekend be like when we have a wedding to shoot.  HOW DO I DO THIS WITHOUT CAUSING ISSUES?  I honestly don’t know…

Like I said, I know all of these symptoms could be the cause of other things (other things that mean nothing) but it could also mean it’s the start of bad news… So…this is all I’ll write about it and/or think about it.  I’m not going to dwell on what could be, and I’ll contact my doctor if it gets worse and go from there, but for now, I’m going to do my best to keep that out of mind and pray that little fighter is holding on strong.



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