Several distractions are going on this week, which is exactly what I’ve needed to keep my nerves about the 6 week ultrasound on Friday to a minimum.  Small distractions, like Jason being in India, tornado warnings (ya know, small things…) and then the bigger & more annoying ones like the dogs being muddy every single night (baths for days) and small cold I’ve seem to caught (thanks Jason).  This takes up much of my free time, so less time to sit there and dwell on what will / won’t happen on Friday.

Yet, it also makes me a little sad that I feel I’ve gotten a little complacement? with this pregnancy, where I’m not focused on it enough.  Maybe that’s a good thing?  I just feel like I should spend the majority of my time focused on the little ones and praying they are healthy and growing!  Maybe this is just how a parent always feels.  You’re always thinking, worrying about your children and some days you’re simply too busy and not giving them enough attention.  #parentlife

Enough of the rambling… no real changes with me this week.  I still don’t “feel” pregnant like I have in the past, which could all be in my head.  I may be having a little morning sickness but not until 3ish pm.  I think that’s what it is….but I don’t know to be honest.  It could be my head cold and just taking too much out of me, or it could be me just being hungry and I feel a little weak.  Only other things that are changing is I get dizzy occasionally when I get up too quickly.  I find myself getting up and pausing a few seconds before moving much more, and that seems to help. Beyond that, I don’t “feel” pregnant (no bloating, exhaustion, etc).  Everyone and every pregnancy is different though, so throw your expectations out the window.  No one has control over this but the good Lord, so I’ll just take symptoms as they come or don’t come….  And lastly, I’m starting to get much better at giving the progesterone shots to myself.  The first day on my own, I hit a vein (dang it), so I had to start all over and I questioned myself if I could really do them on my own or not.  It’s getting much easier and as long as I’m relaxed (or as relaxed as I can be), it doesn’t seem to hurt, so that is a win.  So I will keep trucking along and hopefully kick this cold in the meantime.  And will continue praying the little one(s) will show up for me on Friday and will be healthy, healthy, healthy!

Ps.  I probably don’t sound too worried about Friday, but jeez I am, I am just allowing myself to continue to be distracted, because dwelling on what may or may not happen isn’t doing me and/or little ones any good.  And I’m working on giving those worries up to God, because He is in control, not me.


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