525 & Thankful

525…those were great numbers to hear today!  Praise the Lord!   

My HCG level increased to a more comfortable level than the original test.  A little sigh of relief swept over these parents.  Of course, it won’t be the last worry or stress we will see on this journey, but we will take them one at a time.

On top of this great news today, I did my first progesterone shot on my own. Whew!  J will be heading to India the end of this week and since he has been giving me the progesterone shot, I have put off giving them to myself.  I almost even chickened out this evening, but decided I needed to suck it up and get it over with!  A shot is a shot, not a big deal.  But the shots in the the stomach weren’t that bad, just a little annoying.  At least I could see where I was injecting them. Progesterone is an intramuscular injection, in other words, right in the bum.  It wasn’t the easiest to do but is completely doable and did it myself today.  That may seem like something small, but I consider that two weights lifted off my shoulders today.  

Thank you dear God for taking care of us and these little superhero(es) that are being as strong as they can be!  Thankful today. 


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