My heart hurts a little…

Getting ready to leave the hotel to have great breakfast and start to the day and received that call from Restricted # and I knew it was my doctor.  The second it rang, the word, “Sh*t,” came out of my mouth, followed by a, “Please no.” 

The call was exactly what I thought it was, bad news.  Little embryos aren’t looking so hot at the moment.  They are monitoring them until 11 am and will see if they have progressed at all.  If they haven’t, then transfer will cancel.  If they have, we will do the transfer later today, because they want to give them all the fighting chance they can get.

I know this happens a lot, so I am trying to be optimistic but my heart is hurting and my hopes are low.  I want to ask God, “Why?” But I’m refraining and praying for the situation, the peace no matter the turn out and the understanding I need to not turn into a crazy person. 

For now, just will be doing my best not to question and like all pregnancies, I’ll just sit here….and wait and wait and wait (patiently and impatiently) til 11.

On a lighter note, my husband is trying to lighten the mood by sending me the below video,

“Trying to steam crabs in the hood”   


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