I’ve spent most of the weekend doing nothing, per doctor’s orders.  They wanted to keep eye on my ovaries and be sure they did not get overstimulated. Egg retrieval was Friday and went very well (in my opinion).  We retrieved 15 eggs, and 13 of them fertilized normally so that is a very good outcome.  Fresh transfer is scheduled for this coming Wednesday as long as those embryos keep on growing healthily and I do not do too much and overstimulate my ovaries.  Prayers appreciated the next two days! 

I had big plans for egg retrieval day.  I had it set in my mind we would get a good night’s sleep and we would wake up rested, happy, and ready to go.  I had planned to take photos from my point of view all day long.  See, I’m a photographer and unfortunately, I have put it off to the side as I get through some internal struggles of mine.  However, today was the day I was going to overcome it because I needed to document this.  Well, plans went as they normally go…completely the opposite.  Instead my morning was filled with frustration, running late (not me), some raised voices, rushing rushing rushing and a lot of emotionally exhausted tears.  And I didn’t document any of it.  I was doing my best to make sure everything was in place, everything and everyone (ahem husband) would be on time and it would be a stress-less day, but God had a different plan (He’s funny like that). 

Instead, the morning was chaos just like our lives.  And I was reminded, oh so humbly, that I am not in control and all these small things were not the important part of the day. The important part of the day is retrieving eggs and praying those babies grow.  Thankfully, they retrieved 15 eggs, and 13 of them fertilized normally.  (Wow!). Our goal is to implant 2 embryos Wednesday morning!  Ahhhh!!!  The excitement is pretty overwhelming, and also a little nerve racking.

Taking it easy is the name of my game for next few days.  We will go back to KC tomorrow evening for night of relaxing before implantation Wednesday!  Then taking it easy for the rest of the week!  Goal is to lay low and enjoy it.  And do all the implantation tips I have been reading about, keeping my feet and my uterus warm at all times, eating pineapple (with the core), avocados, and relaxing. 😀. I mean, if I have to, I think I can do that!  Prayers are of course welcome, in the mean time…you can find me on the couch, pretty similar to this.


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