Invitro is not for the faint of heart…

I guess that should be pretty obvious.  If you’re doing invitro then you have likely exhausted your options, scrapping your pennies to pay for it, and you’re stressed out and tired.  BUT these are just reimnders to be thankful for!  We get the opportunity to take a step down a road that not everyone can do, whether emotionally, physically, or financially.  

Emotionally it is a toll on your relationships.  Yes, plural. On your relationship with your spouse.  You are irritated, uncomfortable, tired, and exhausted trying to make best and healthiest decisions together. You feel trapped or limited to certain things and certain items.  You aren’t allowed to exercise the irritations off and they build.  And if you have to do Invitro out of state, you drive…alot.  Currently we are averaging about 160/miles a day, maybe that isn’t a lot to some but seems it is emotionally exhausting to me.

Other relationships are put on hold or are not give attention they should.  I’ve been MIA in friend relationships because there just isn’t the time unless I live or work with you and even then, it is unlikely I see any of those wonderful people.  Work relationships, I mean…those are nonexistent at the moment.  A few here and there know what we are doing and why I am in and out of work so much, but at the moment, they view me as in, stressed, tired, and out. Family, jeex they probably take the brunt of it all…don’t they?  I’ve truly been blessed with amazing family, and I owe so much more attention to them!

Physically, let’s keep this one short because I have been talking about it a lot.  But…it feels like you have two foreign objects in your abdomen that are ballooning up to unreal size and your stomach may actually bust.  Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. 😁

Financially.  Of course, you know going into this Invitro process, that it will be a huge investment.  Prayers go up to any couples that do Invitro multiple times, especially consecutively.  You drain your bank account or take out a loan or (hopefully, not likely, but hopefully insurance will cover some). And the meds, oh boy those meds are expensive.  Amd don’t fool yourself, that you’ll just be paying for one time meds either…count on needing multiple refills. I made that assumption myself, and was quickly awaken. Then account for traveling, costs to pay to watch house or animals or children while you’re gone, costs of unexpected anything… Yet, ALL OF IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Again, I circle around to not knowing the outcome and we have no control over it, but it is worth it.  I think the biggest item holding me back from doing IVF originally is knowing it may not workout like we want.  We may not end up with 1-2 babies here on earth, we may have them join our 4 heaven babies or it may not be successful at all.  But your heart tells you to move forward, to try anyways, to TRUST IN GOD, and believe He has your best interest in mind.  

Like I said, Invitro us not for the faint of heart, but it is incredibly worth it and you can absolutely do it with the good Lord by your side.


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