Medical things.

This post may be a little more boring, well most of them are boring but more than normal.  This is more an informative post.  A sweet girl I’ve known for awhile has been through IVF a couple of times and she mentioned to me it was helpful to note your medical information, so you can go back and review it and compare whenever you want/need to.  THIS is a good idea and not something I’ve been really doing but would like to have a reference point.

Monday, we received the news that my levels were lower than they would like, so they doubled my medication.  This wasn’t that big of a deal because it happens pretty frequently.  We’re back here today (Friday) and had levels done and they look good but they are keeping me at the upped medication levels.  I currently have 10 follicles on one side and 11 on the other.  This is good news, and praying we continue to have those little guys keep on growing and prepping for next week retrieval.  Egg retrieval was tentatively  scheduled to be on Wednesday-ish, but they have pushed back my Monday check to Tuesday, so I think it is safe to assume egg retrieval and transfer will be pushed a day or two.  This is too be determined.  We will keep trekking on, keep pumping that system full of injections, and taking it easy (which is easier said than done).  🙂


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