Phase II

We have started Phase II, as I like to call it, the stimulation phase.  As if your ovaries aren’t being stimulated enough, you pump a few more meds into your body to help your follicles grow to a certain point and get your hormones at a certain level.  Our doctor is just trying to create the most ideal environment for any little ones that decide to make the transfer.  Yesterday, I wasn’t at the level they would like me to be at, so they basically doubled my follistim & menopur.  This is pretty normal, from what I hear.  They do checks on your follicles and hormones and increase or decrease your meds based on what they see in the test results.  Even knowing that this is normal process, it isn’t exactly the news I would like to hear, but again, praying about it not worrying about it.

A few side effects from the medication so far are bloating for sure, soreness in your stomach from ovary stimulation but also from shots.  The shots do not hurt or anything, but they do have a tendency to leave a prick mark or bruise because you’re continuously giving yourself shots over and over.  The ovary stimulation is a little achey, for me specifically, it’s on my left side that is very achey, especially when I’m sitting down for too long.  Granted, it doesn’t exactly help that you are sitting down and driving to and from doctor appointments a couple of times a week, and my doctor is 3.5 hours away.  I tried to explain the feeling to J the other day because it’s not something that feels right, it just feels off.  It doesn’t hurt terribly bad all the time, but has it’s moments.  Overall, it just feels like you have something in your body that is too big to be there, so there’s pressure, aches, pain, and the inability to get comfortable.  Also, increased sweating (mainly at night) whew!  I woke up the first night after starting the meds and my shirt was soaked and that’s gross.  I’m sorry for people that have to deal with night sweating, I’ve never had this issue and I had no idea what was going on when I woke up and my shirt was completely wet.  I thought maybe I fell asleep with a water bottle and spilled it all over myself (that happens more often than I’d like to admit).  Or maybe one of the dogs excessively slobbered on me, trying to wake me up (also something that happens more than I’d like to admit), but ends up it is just night sweats (tons of fun).

Oh, and the side effect of …. shortness lol, that’s still running high.  Thanks to the hubs for putting up with that so far.  It has to be exhausting for him.

Considering the potential outcome, none of this is anything to complain about.  Even if the outcome doesn’t turn out the way you would like it to, I’ll gain something from this experience.  I don’t know exactly what at this point, but there is something I’ll gain from it.  🙂  I trust God knows best and will show me if I’m missing it!


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