Why question tomorrow…

We begin IVF shots tomorrow, and that and itself is an overwhelming thought…but I think what’s more overwhelming is people questioning our every move.  This is a life that I live differently than everyone else.  If I have the opportunity to experience something big, I’m going to take that opportunity.  If I want to travel somewhere, no matter how far it may be or what country it is to, I’ll probably go.  If I’m comfortable in the restrictions or precautions I need to take and my husband is comfortable with them, then we shouldn’t have to answer to anyone.  We believe in God watching over us and taking care of us and any future little ones.  If it is His plan for us not to bear a child, then we will not.  Right?  I guess, I don’t know if I should be questioning this opportunity or not.  Does He put travel opportunities in front of us because He wants us to make the right decision, or does He put travel opportunities in front of us because He wants us to trust Him, let go of the worries and fully trust Him and His process.

Will we lose another child that isn’t even conceived yet because we traveled to India and ate something bad or caught something while we were there…. maybe.  I mean, I could also catch the mumps from a kid a couple of blocks down from our home, just by simply walking outside.  Do you live in fear & take the cautious road, or do you take the opportunities that can grow your business and you as a person? This is more rhetorical because quite frankly, I don’t really want any more opinions on the matter…our goal, is to pray about it and leave that in God’s hands.  God’s opinion is all I really need to be thinking about.



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